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Coda Group BV has been formed to influence and accelerate the transition to sustainable materials, away from single use, environmentally harmful plastics. Bringing together the experience and expertise of the companies within the Group, and knowledge of the demands of industry, brands and consumers alike we are able to develop true alternatives to plastic.

With the development of 100% plant based materials, that look, behave and feel like traditional materials we are creating truly compostable products that have the ability to revolutionise a global industry.

Coda Group is your one stop shop solution for truly sustainable, innovative biomaterials that can replace single use plastic products.

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Mission Statement

We aim to revolutionise the world with truly sustainable, truly compostable, low carbon footprint, advanced biomaterials accelerating the removal of single use plastics from society.

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Solinatra Logo The sustainable and truly compostable plastic alternative

Solinatra is a revolutionary biomaterial designed to replace single use plastics. Made from plants, it is home compostable and degrades without leaving any contamination behind. 100% plant based, zero compromise.

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Coda Compostables Limited Coda Compostables Limited
  • Compostables Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing
  • Bringing truly compostable products to market
  • Based in Norfolk, UK since 2020
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Compostable Coffee Capsules Compostable Coffee Capsules
  • Initiative launched by a group of Dutch entrepreneurs in 2013
  • Work closely with capsule producers, capsule fillers and coffee brand owners
  • Aim to stimulate consumer awareness of the impact of single serve coffee on the environment
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Noroqest Noroqest
  • Research, development and testing of materials
  • Purpose built Laboratory in Norfolk, UK
  • Focus on sustainable bioplastic innovation
Coda IP BV Coda IP BV
  • Sales, Marketing and Licensing of compostable coffee pods
  • Owns the IP rights and trademarks of sustainable biopolymers
  • Developed and patented home compostable coffee pods and capsules
Coda Advanced Materials Coda Advanced Materials BV
  • Material manufacturing arm of Coda Group
  • Global manufacturing and scalable capacity
  • Exclusive rights and contracts with Coda IP


Roland Pluut Chair of the Board and Non-Executive Director Coda Group BV

Following successful careers in project management, marketing and development consultancy for international companies, Roland's entrepreneurial spirit and focus on circular economy led him to the creation of truly home compostable products and the Coda IP.

Robert de Jong Chief Executive Officer Coda Group BV

With over 40 years' experience in business, with a background as a tax lawyer and managing partner of a law firm, Robert has also held consultancy positions in the IT and financial industries. Following a passion for innovation and growth, Robert is ideally placed to lead Coda Group as CEO.

Martijn Schilte Chief Financial Officer Coda Group BV

With an extensive background in business development and consultancy, Martijn joins the board as Chief Financial Officer. Building on a successful history of expansion and brand positioning across the automotive and luxury industries, Martijn's experience across global markets will aid the growth of the group.

Simon Girdlestone Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Coda Group BV

As Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Simon brings his considerable experience of more than 30 years in the plastics industry to the group. With a unique insight into the industry, Simon is ideally placed to lead the transition to sustainable alternatives away from polluting fossil fuel plastics.

Dr Daniel Lynch Chief Sustainability Officer and Director of Research and Development Coda Group BV

As a highly experienced materials chemist with a number of lecturing and chemical consultancy roles spanning a 30 year career, Dr Daniel Lynch leads as Director of Noroqest. For the past decade Daniel's research has focused on plastics additives, and his background makes him uniquely suited to the role of CSO for Coda Group.

Farzaneh Moazzeni Chair of the Advisory Board Coda Group BV

Farzaneh is the Director of the Fonds Innovatie Voeding En Samenleving (FIVES), a foundation focused on nutrition, vitality and quality of life. Farzaneh has also been a director of a health institution in The Hague and she worked as a Programme Officer Diversity at ZonMW for diversity in medical and health science research. As Chair of the Advisory Board, Farzaneh brings a wealth of experience within nonprofit and commercial structures to oversee and ensure innovation, creativity and sustainable growth in the Group.

Lencola Sullivan-Verseveldt Advisory Board Member Coda Group BV

Lencola is a motivational speaker, specialist in the field of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), and social entrepreneur. A regular guest lecturer at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, Lencola is an internationally renowned speaker and leads workshops for multinational corporations including Royal Dutch Shell. As a former beauty queen, Lencola made history in 1980 as the first African-American to win the title of Miss Arkansas, Lencola continues her charitable work in the form of social entrepreneurship, mentoring and fundraising.

Philip Gijswijt Advisory Board Member Coda Group BV

Philip is a second year student of applied biology at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, where his academic focus is on plant sciences, biotechnology and sustainable process technology. Exploring the intersections of his academic fields with his entrepreneurial spirit, Philip’s research aims to develop innovative technologies that improve the ways we live for a more sustainable future.

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